Pole Vault Donation Station

Buying new pole vault equipment? Please consider donating your old equipment to USPVA. Contact us at USPVA17@gmail.com to learn how your equipment may benefit another program or club!

*Equipment donations to United States Pole Vault Association 501(c)(3) eligible for tax deductions

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The USPVA Pole Vault Pit Donation Station is a system for recycling used equipment, such as pole vault pits, to be distributed to schools, clubs, etc., that are in need of such resources.


Since it is quite common in the pole vault community for schools and clubs to lack adequate resources to support athletes that wish to participate in the sport, USPVA seeks to utilize our club connections across the nation to help provide the resources necessary to grow the sport in their region. It is our mission to support and grow the sport of pole vault across the nation. We want to support these schools and clubs by connecting them to reliable sources for pole vault equipment.


USPVA is the liaison between equipment manufactures and schools, clubs, facilities, etc. that lack the funds to purchase new equipment. USPVA will find new homes for retired equipment as schools or clubs purchase new equipment through our trusted manufacturers. 


As these schools or clubs replace their old equipment with new, USPVA will aid in the re-distribution of old equipment to a school or facility that hosts high school and elite vaulters. 


For more information, please contact us at USPVA17@gmail.com.

Equipment Requests

De La Salle Institute (Chicago, IL)

Camden Military Academy (Camden, SC) 

Coppin State University (Baltimore, MD)

Coventry High School (Coventry, RI)

High School (Aurora, IL)